Here is a list of some adventures:

Stones to Kill the Sea
A hexcrawl and dungeon adventure for the Bastards. TTRPG system. Ecological disaster. An artificer grasping at power beyond his control. Surfboards.
kobolds. in the equipment graveyard
A pastoral adventure of traps, treasures, and decommissioned farming equipment for the Bastards. RPG system.
The Dungeon Near the Shadow
A low-level, system-agnostic horror setting and adventure for 2-5 adventurers through a world-altering un/natural disaster.
The Riparian Forest Outside South Kul
A pilgrimage for 2-5 seekers in PILGRIMS OF MISFORTUNE and/or RODER to a forgotten battlefield and those who were left there.
Immortal Festival
A short side-quest of divine powers and mundane problems. Do a favor for the gods, maybe reap the benefits? Any number of players, any system. Try me.
Out of the Blue
A paradoxical minicrawl for 3-5 travelers in INTO THE BLACK, through wild and irresponsible encounters just trying to break out of the Corporate life.