Out of the Blue


OUT OF THE BLUE is an independent production of Phantom Funeral Press and is not affiliated with Monkey’s Paw Games.

Designed for use with INTO THE BLACK by Noora Rose, but it shouldn’t be difficult to adapt it to your space-fantasy game of choice.

Words and design by Jason Wardell, June 2021. Revised November 2022.

Map tile art by Adam Vass and World Champ Game Co., Highland Paranormal Society, and Cone of Negative Energy.

Art and text may not be reused. All artists maintain copyright of their work.

Peace to the gnomes.


You are screaming across the alkali flats in Boss Blue’s hacked-together ground-fighter, way over-limit for how many of you are hanging on. The ship rattles bolts off with every loose pit of dirt below. A flash, followed by a 150 dB crash of metal and plasma a hundred yards ahead.

A miss.

They are not very good at this, which is either great news (you might get away!) or terrible (they won’t be able to kill you quick like they should). Corp Suits. It’s so much easier to deal with pirates; at least they’ll–

Another crash, much closer to the flash. They’re gaining on you, but you still have no visual. They might be flying a Hefty Boy, which would explain the lack of finesse. It’s heavy artillery. The cost of those shells alone, they’ll probably get added to your tab. A cloud of caustic dirt erupts immediately in front of you and… wait–

Who’s driving this clunker anyhow?



The violet sky shimmers as the cloud cover splits and dissolves. A rinky-dink fighter makes its approach, lopsided from the out-of-spec railgun giving you visions of paint spatter and canned tomato-substitute.

Clattering and pulsing with energy in their decent, their pilot has set a collision course with your poor, fragile carapace.


3 Corp Suits (1HD 1AC) + 1 Manager (as Soldier of level 1d6+2). They fly an attack skiff retrofitted with a Big-Ass Gun (B.A.G.).

“Azure”-Class Single-Use Fighter Cost: 900C (lucky to get half) AV: 2 SP: 4 HP: 3 Crew: 1/3 Mass: 7 Class: Shuttle Modules:

  • Standard loadout, minus Life Support
  • B.A.G. (50,000 C)
    • Hardpoints: 2
    • Critical: 5
    • Effect: +1d6 damage
    • Range: Close
    • Reload: Every shot


Assuming it was retrieved in a couple (fewer than a dozen) pieces, the travelers discover the ship is incapable of breaking out of the atmosphere, and only the gun is worth anything. Any surviving Suits are loyal to Boss Blue to a fault. Not a great look for some ersatz bounty hunters.

Getting back to the spaceport is gonna be rough. You’ve been racking up dock storage fees since you’ve been here. A few points of order:

  • Why were you here to see Boss Blue?
  • How long ago was that?
  • Besides the ship, what did you take from him?

Before this interruption, you’d set a course: 50 miles SE as the crow flies should’ve brought you within spitting distance of the spaceport. With the confusion from those Suits and the flatlands stretching to the horizon in every direction, it’s hard to say where you need to point.

Who’s leading this crew? In the absence of volunteers, nose goes.


Start at the NW edge of 1-1. It’s easy to tell SE from here: just trace an arrow outward from the debris.


1-1 - Alkali wastes. Treacherous, caustic soil. So long as you’re in your wagon, you should be good, but even then you probably won’t want to linger too long. Desert Encounter every Shift after the first

1-2 - More of the same wastes. Have you been here before? Are you going in the right direction? Would you know if you weren’t? Desert Encounter every Shift

1-3 - Flats break into rolling dunes and desert. Finally, some flora. The sand grits in your teeth with a faint sweetness. Desert Encounter every Shift

1-4 - Sheer cliff faces butt against the sprawling desert. This is nearly impassable terrain on foot and just forget about ground vehicles, so you may need to find another way or learn to fly. Mountain Encounter every Shift

2-1 - A crystalline complex built around a titled mesa. Built? Grown? Discovered? Safe

This structure is populated by small (~1 ft. tall) semi-translucent gnomes, who use Kinesis to shape their surroundings into complex and paradoxical geometric figures.

They don’t have any apparent tech of their own, but are fascinated by it. They are talkers, and may have a trinket or two to share or trade—a hand-held crystal of impressive artistry, probably expensive—assuming they are indulged.

2-2 - Vast stretches of silent sand desert, stock-still. Even the few clouds above seem locked in place. Desert Encounter every Shift

2-3 - Badlands. Extremely difficult to navigate, with winding canyons and stone crevasses grasping into the edge of the desert and meandering to the mountains. You’d better have a good navigator for this bit.

All navigation rolls are with Disadvantage. Desert Encounter & Mountain Encounter every Shift

2-4 - More monumental and impossible cliff faces jut out of the canyonlands, spilling into jagged spires of rock. There’s a steady thrum in the air from the starport, periodically split by the sonic boom of vessels breaking into the atmosphere. Mountain Encounter every Shift

3-1 - Rolling hills of a spiny yellow plant, endless.

It pops the tires of ground vehicles and propagates quickly in any damp soil. An illegal and invasive plant, it fetches a high price on the underground market. Grasslands Encounter every Shift

3-2 - Windswept heath, like there’s any other kind of heath. The winds, too, are classic. A timeless pastoral setting. Grasslands Encounter twice every Shift

3-3 - A scattered array of earthen mounds, populated by opaque gnomefolk. They aren’t especially eager to see you.

The gnomes are quiet and deeply superstitious of tech and Kinesis, shutting their doors to any who openly brandish either. Under extreme duress or persuasion, they can energize a paradoxical icon in exchange for the permanent loss of a Traveler’s Kinesis ability. The gnome who performs this ritual loses some of their essence in the process, becoming translucent and beginning their long walk into the west. Grasslands Encounter upon entering

3-4 - The Limlo Spaceport. Angular. Sleek. Expensive. There’s a cost to anythign you might do here. Safe unless they start something.


Well, that was sure a fun tour of the varied biomes on this tiresome rock. By now, your dock fees must be astronomical (pun absolutely intended), but it’s good to feel the steel beneath your feet again. Take a breather. Check your bank account. See if you can afford a drink of water.


The Limlo Spaceport is a one-stop shop for those coming and going from the region. They offer fuel, supplies, personnel, storage, and entertainment: all at what they would call reasonable prices. There are plenty of opportunities for barter through the benefactory good-will of the local corp, led by Boss Blue, who keeps the whole Spaceport staffed with his finest Suits.

In fact, a small crowd has gathered around the ship’s dock to gaze upon his beneficence! Tall and immaculately-postured, Boss Blue has come down to meet directly with the Travelers. The crowd has taken note of them, too, and are wildly engaged in gossip about who these hot-shots must be to warrant a meeting with the Boss–and at their own Spaceport, no less!

He’s decided to let bygones be, provided he is reimbursed the expenses of chasing the Travelers: the cost of the skiff, the B.A.G., and any Suits who may have been thrashed along the way.

Of course, he mentions with a wink, should you happen upon a Charged Paradox Crystal, that would be more than enough, and he’d even take care of your dock and refueling fees, to boot.


These tables are to be interpreted wildly, liberally, and irresponsibly by the Chronicler.

d66Desert Encounter
11Corp Suits, twice as many as before
12Sudden ane intense sunburn on any exposed skin
13Carnivorous daisies
14A circular pedestal of pure glass
16Area under a water-draining Kinesis
21Clearly-marked paths with a nearby compass (d6, 1-5 it’s faulty)
22Soothsaying goat-person
23Stealthy and coordinated birds of prey
24Carrion worms throughout the sand
25Carrion worms throughout the sky
26Waterlogged succulents weeping
31Nomadic band of nonverbal rodents
32Painted sand in complex, monumental shapes
33Medium-sized snakes
35Crashed interplanar ship of unknown make
36Satellite comms array and solar farm
41Trickster demon, bored
42Crawling colony of rocks
43Dust elementals in an argument
44Jackalope, extremely deadly
45Abandoned shantytown
46Mimic oasis
51Large caravan of desert-dwellers
52Quicksand pit into a personal starport (d6, 1-5 it’s empty)
53Thunder in an empty sky
54Scavenger family, trying to find “the crystal”
55A wise and shade-throwing tortoise
56Antfolk carrying boulders back to their mound
61A partially-unearthed tombstone
62Highly toxic and mobile cactus overgrowth
63A nest of human-sized lizards
64Swarms of plague-carrying mosquitoes
65Colony of intelligent scorpions
66One big spider, sad
d66Mountain Encounter
11Ancient hermit, so lonely
12Cougar assassin
13Slickrock pit trap
14Tech-augmented bears
15Surprise pyroclastic flow
16An intense negotiation in-progress
21Wealthy inventor’s summer home
22Climbing, thorny vines
23Militia of apocalypse preppers
25Corrosive gas seeping from the rock
26Stone automaton guarding a door
31Cache of weapons (d6, 1-5 it’s broken), money (d6, 1-5 it’s fake)
32Hypnotic singing mantids, very evil
33A malicious echo follows
34Corpse vultures, circling something big
35Gold in them there hills
36A single gnome, lost
41Glider scouts
42Actively unionizing mining company
43Cave complex populated by an undocumented species
44Territorial mountain goats
45Descending spiral staircase into a cave
46Cliffside hanging nests, empty
51Organic circuitry forming a living brain of moss
52Mind-controlling parasite ticks
53Snakes. So many snakes. An unreasonable amount of snakes.
54Refreshing cold springs
55Signs of a major battle, minus the bodies
56Edible flora, delicious!
61Forest of beetle-killed trees
62Cloud-harvesting droids
63Exposed fossils in the rock (d6, low to high: incomplete to complete)
64Treacherous razor rockslide
65Scenic overlook
66Sudden ground-to-cloud thunderstorm
d66Grasslands Encounter
11Stranded space-faring mega yacht
12Dinosaurs who are farmers
13Scavengers playing king of the hill for a score
14Lost legion of warriors, itching for battle
15Malfunctioning harvester automata, deranged
16Sentient tornado (d6, 1-5 it’s friendly)
21Hypnotic lights in the daytime sky
22Catacombs entrance littered with corpses
23Literally lazy river
24Booby-trapped corn maze
25Neat circle of alchemical jars, valuable
26Thieving groundhogs
31Field of fragrant and allergy-inducing flowers
32Helpful trackers just here to help
33Caravan, by Van Morrison
34Coven of great witches, hospitable
35Drugged-up hobbits
36Flesh-eating locust swarm
41Crystal-hunting Corp Suits
42Pack of wild dogs, adorable
43Thriving monastery, superstitious of outsiders
44Punch-drunk traveler with a bloody grin
45Wandering scholar of paradoxes
46Blaring klaxons from an underground bunker
51Trading post—everything must go!
52Sprawling wind farm
53A herd of rodents grazing in tall grass
54Hovering hailstones
55Some kind of communication device (d6, 1-5 it’s a hot mic)
56Large livestock grubs
61Tame horses without their riders
62Scorched landscape with fire sprites, frustrated
63Taxidermied tableau of wild animals
64Three wandering seers of past, present, future
65Fiercely-protected farmlands
66Standing stones vibrating with energy