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Critique and Review and Workshop

May 29, 2023

Or, Critiquing the Critical Review Scene in TTRPG, a Workshop Protocol # Lord help me. # I’m going to blame it on one literary criticism course I took nigh-on twenty years ago, but as discussions and feelings swirl around the topic of building a culture of critique into the small-press and independent tabletop role playing game community, a thing I see consistently cropping up in the discussion is a misunderstanding between the reviewer and the reviewed (and, usually, the review reader) due to a lack of shared context. ...

A Test of Resolve

December 13, 2022

I am not one for resolutions. # Specifically, the annual sort, where one might proclaim: this year, I will learn conversational Spanish; I’m going to complete 365 rooms of a megadungeon, one per day; I will seek out opportunities to perform live music; or, or, or. It’s catching me at my most optimistic, when I’m getting just as much satisfaction thinking about doing the thing as I imagine I would, having completed said thing. ...

The Maze Beneath

October 26, 2022

It started with a corn pit # The article Man accidentally shoots self in leg while visiting corn pit attraction in Brooklyn Park was the inspiration for this thing. Beyond the obvious real-world terror of live firearms in innocuous places, it was the words “corn pit.” Corn Pit. A pit filled with corn. Were we talking about grain entrapment hazards? The mind whirred and clicked and all I could think about was “midwest deathtrap dungeon. ...